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we are the haws family. Kemer, Marisa, Brennen, and Katalyn.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thorpe creek Ranch

We live on the V-7 ranch, in lamoille. kemers boss (jerry whitehead) is a judge in reno, nevada. and owns 3 seperate ranchs in lamoille. The Thorpe creek, The Clubine, and The V-7. Which total 3,000 acres of beautiful farming land. We love it. Other than kemer there is one other guy that works here, the mechanic. at the moment at the ranch we just finished up with haying about 2,000 acres or more. up next there will be calve saling and shipping. kemer is excited to work with the skills he has grown up with his whole life, and add to that list of skills. we love this life style. it fits us perfectly. brennen loves it. he gets to go to work with daddy almost every day. he loves riding in the tractor. he is gonna be a huge help when he gets a little bigger! over all we are so happy with the decision. we are so blessed to be able to be together as a family. although i really miss my extended family in las vegas, and arizona. well that is about it about hte ranch. any questions, just ask in the comments.

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  1. Oh, yes, riding the tractor is one of my cousins’ favorites when going to the ranch. Aside from that and the hayrides, we love going to ranch museums such as those in LBJ State Park. They also have vineyards where we get to have a free taste of their finest wines. Woodrose Winery and Becker Vineyard are some crowd favorites.

    Rodger Ciliberto